Recalling specific sound.

For the blog readers who hasn't read this blog: Identifying the source. I recommend you guys to read this one first before you can read on... particularly the third paragraph thereon.

The particular blog was published nearly four years ago. Four years is a long time. This morning, I was in routine getting ready for work, was just about to prepare myself some breakfast of rice bubbles with Milo. The household was eerie quiet and I have my cochlear implant on. All of sudden, a sound was heard and I instantly remembered this sound because I have heard it before, I quickly identified the source - it was the same Japanese bobbing heads in the kitchen, there were three of them The sound was first played four years ago in my old bedroom with my then wife, it took me a minute at the time to identify the sound. However, this time, I remembered this specific sound and I knew what to look for.

I was surprised on the fact I remembered the sound clearly, it was crystal clear, it was instant on how I remember the sound from four years ago. Amazing. It shows that the progress has been huge while having the speech processor for nearly 4 years, coming July.


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