Recalling specific sound.

For the blog readers who hasn't read this blog: Identifying the source. I recommend you guys to read this one first before you can read on... particularly the third paragraph thereon.

The particular blog was published nearly four years ago. Four years is a long time. This morning, I was in routine getting ready for work, was just about to prepare myself some breakfast of rice bubbles with Milo. The household was eerie quiet and I have my cochlear implant on. All of sudden, a sound was heard and I instantly remembered this sound because I have heard it before, I quickly identified the source - it was the same Japanese bobbing heads in the kitchen, there were three of them The sound was first played four years ago in my old bedroom with my then wife, it took me a minute at the time to identify the sound. However, this time, I remembered this specific sound and I knew what to look for.

I was surprised on the fact I remembered the sound clearly, it was crystal clear, it was instant on h…

The sarcasm tone

I have been busy with my everyday life, hence the blog of my journey has taken the back burner as of late. Sorry about that, but, I couldn't resist to share this experience with you all!
Coming July will mark 4 years of my journey and has been tremendous so far. I am currently waiting for the upgrade of the N6 in part of my NDIS plan. It is a long wait but it's in the horizon though!
Anyway back to the story I want to share, this occurred only yesterday - note the date - 2 May 2017. It was the end of a normal working day at work. I had a brief conversation with my work colleague, John*, who I work with. I had my cochlear implant on.
Me: 'So you're heading off?' John: 'Yep' Me: 'Reminding you, that I won't be here Friday' John: gives me the confusing look for a moment. Me: 'Remember the NRL event I am going on Friday? John shows realisation expression Me: 'That means you'll have to do the report on Friday' John looks down and respon…

A visit to the doctor.

Only few days ago, I was sick for few days so I have made an appointment to see my old doctor, Dr Main, that is. He was the one who referred me to Professor Gibson where my cochlear process began back in 2011. Anyway, back to the blog. 
With my visit to the doctor, usually most of the time, he was quite difficult to lip read due to his beard but with my consultation with him, the conversation was better than I thought it would be - but still, it was a little hard to understand but on few points, this realized what I understood - again, without any assist of lip reading - this is what happened. 
At the point when he needed to check my throat, his lips was  difficult to view however when he stuck the ice cream stick to my mouth - I heard and he said: "Say Ahh" and I complied. Wait a min, I thought - I understood that, it was clear but wait, there's more. 
He then wanted to check my breathing, so he placed the stethoscope to my back while I turned around while he listened, I h…

Instant recognition of sounds.

The title explains it all.

About two weeks ago, I had an impromptu appointment with my audiologist which wasn’t in part of my ongoing 6 month check-ups, due to some mapping issues as it was quite fuzzy and causing my brain to constant hum and it wasn’t helping me listen better, by anything much! However, now, it is no longer the case.

The mapping was thrown out, and my audiologist implemented a brand new one and it all resolved the issue I had, because I mentioned few blog posts ago that I am wearing my cochlear implant full time and have stuck on, and I have lot of exciting experiences to share with you all!

With the new mapping, it was heaps better and I was happy to have a better and new mapping, and fortunately, I hear more new sounds and this made me realise I noticed aHUGE improvement. Remember, I mentioned that I was able to understand words with lip reading assisting however this one wasn't the case. 
One evening, just the other day, I was watching TV. In the lounge room …

Cruising along when...

I would like to share my experience; this happened first time yesterday afternoon.

I was bored on a such lazy Sunday, so I decided to go for a random drive around my home town, as it was glorious weather to do so, whist I was driving, I had some chillax music on via aux cable through my car stereo system - I wasn't paying attention to the music lyrics of the music I was listening to, but enjoyed the beats out of it however when I changed music, then some of the music lyric was sung out....

'...Hold me down hold,
Hold me down hold,
Hold me down hold,
Hold me down hold...'

..all of a sudden, without realisation, I understood the lyrics! *gasp*

without even reading any lyrics at all, none at all.

I was shocked for a second there and realised, I could understand the lyrics, as the music was all new to me, never heard of the music, but some of the song out was sung out and it was clear as music continued.

That was from the album by Masionair - Pick me up album, this song was selected by…

Did you know?

I would like to share this to my other fellow cochlear implant users. I made this discovery earlier today and I found it useful, and this may be of a great benefit to you all. You may have known this or may have not. You are more than welcome to share this blog to anyone who you think would benefit out of it. 

This particular feature applies to Apple iPhones however similar feature does exist on android smartphones - I am pretty sure you will be able to find it. 

For fellow apple users, grab your personal audio cable (PAC) from the dusty drawers, your cochlear bag or somewhere under the pile of bills, because you will be finding this very handy to use, after learning this nifty little feature. 

Usually, Siri is the personal assistant and Siri can be useless for the most of us, but after this, you won't find her useless, but useful for this particular benefit. 

Not Siri can gather details on your request like weather etc. but did you know that Siri can read words  out loud and  highlig…

So many sounds later....

Why, hello fellow blog readers!

First and foremost of all, I realise that the previous post was made more than 18 months ago, and I have to sincerely apologise for that as I realise that you all have certainly enjoyed my blog since my activation day.

I thought I better get back into it and stick to it with updating my readers on my experiences on a daily basis. So recently I have checked my data of the blog readers and I am not surprised as the blog is still being visited by many.

Just the other day, I decided to re-visit my blogs which I have written in the past few years. I realise, this year is my 3rd year having my cochlear implant, I mentioned that I was a little naughty as of late, I can safety say that I have been wearing my cochlear implant full time now and I am sticking to it, for good because I realise, I missed the sounds and I want to continue learning more new ones as I realise there are more sounds out there.

With the points of pros and cons from the previous blog, rece…